I'm Said, a twenty two years old software developer from Istanbul.

I was born in 93' in a small and cold western city of Turkey. After finishing high school in the city, I moved to Istanbul to continue my education in Computer Engineering Department of Yildiz Technical University.

During my studies in YTU, I worked as a Back-End & Front-End developer in Ubit. After working for three years in the company, I decided to be an exchange student and visit Sweden. Between August 14' and January 15' I've lived in Skövde and studied Computer Science in University of Skövde which is located in a very small city in the very central of Sweden.

I've been involving in iOS projects for nearly two years and in addition to that as an academic background I've worked on Machine Learning problems and systems for one year.

You can view my profile on Github, or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. For those interested in here is my CV and LinkedIn profile.

Please feel free to say hi at said@ozcan.co